Tunisia has mountain terrain and forested foothills that sustain large numbers of truly wild boar. Hunting boar is a very ancient tradition in these parts and is necessary to maintain a population level of boar that local farmers can co-exist


Note: Hunters and those who accompany them will need their passports to enter Tunisia


4 Stars hotel in Hammamet (All inclusive).

Hunting organization:

• Each day the hunters group will be taken to a new hunting territory.
• Depending on the hunting grounds, the hunting teams departure will be between 4 a.m. And 6 p.m. daily.
• Transport to hunting areas is granted.
• Lunch at the hunting scene with an on-site prepared hot meal.
• Hunting grounds are located at distances varying between 10 and 120 km.
• Our hunting is natural but we cannot guarantee the results.


We recommend:
• Rubber boots or leather shoes, raincoats, wool in October.
• Number of allowed cartridges is of 50 per hunter.


The hunting week includes five days of hunting:

Day 1: Arrival, assistance at the airport and transfer to the hotel
2nd day: first day of hunting
Day 3: 2nd day of hunting
Day 4: 3rd day of hunting
Day 5: 4th day of hunting
Day 6: 5th day of hunting
Day 7: departure transfer.


Book well in advance to enable us to select hunting territories and book hotel rooms.

The following information is necessary and required at least 20 days before the arrival of the group (4 to 12 hunters).

* HUNTER: Name, Date and Place of Birth, Occupation, Nationality, Address, Passport number and date of issue.
* GUN: Mark, Number, Size, Number of time.

* COMPANION: Name, date and place of birth, address.
• Group leaders are invited to communicate all information to each hunter

The hunting season for wild boars is scheduled to begin in October to the end of January each year.
• The hunting license is only valid for 7 hunting days.
• For any additional stay please contact us well in advance.
• In case of last minute cancellation, fees are required to cover the costs already incurred.
• A passport is required to enter Tunisia for hunters and guides.
• Each hunter is entitled to ONLY one weapon under Tunisian law.
• Prohibited:  Rays guns, guns and automatic recharging
• In addition to three shots
• The shooting buckshot.
• Allowed hunting games for tourist hunters are wild boars, wild boar, jackal, mongoose and broom
• woodcock and deer shooting is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution.
• Hunting in snow times is prohibited (snow days will not be refunded or replaced).